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Communication is key…


Communication is key - but sometimes it is the hardest aspect of therapy to manage.

You can’t be there all the time and it's those little corrections that can sometimes make the world of difference to a child’s development. Rockmelon is here to change that. We want to help parents reach the best outcome for their child in the most efficient way possible, and part of this is ensuring open communication between them and their therapy team - which is where you come in!

Working in real-time

The Rockmelon Parent Edition means you won’t need to wait anymore in between sessions to receive an update on how a child is progressing. You can log in at any time to check and provide real-time feedback to parents.

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The Parent Edition means you won’t need to wait anymore in between sessions to receive an update on how a child is progressing.

Picture of Cathy Fagan behavioural analyst from the United States.
They say it takes a village to raise a child ….. Rockmelon brings that village to life, in a virtual platform! When time is precious, clear communication and accessibility to materials is so important. This app is a great example of how technology acts as a catalyst, to propel each child towards their learning potential.
— Cathy Fagan, BCBA - Behaviour Analyst

Manage your Team

The Team feature allows you and your clients to work together on the same goals and ensure everyone is always kept up-to-date.

Team is a great way to centralise all communications and track information around the child’s developmental progression. Under Team you will be able to create Notes, events with Planner and Tasks to share with your other Team members - parents.

Learn more about Team.

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Planner allows total visibility over a child’s schedule. You can create events and invite different Team members to be a part of it.

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Create specific Tasks, set a due date and priority and then assign them to different Team members. You can attach photos and videos as well for more specific activities.

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This feature allows you to create detailed Session Reports or leave notes for parents and carers. It might be a quick reminder to follow up a suggestion made in your session. It also allows parents to leave updates for you and has the functionality to attach both photos and videos.

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Team facilitates open communication between yourself and the child's family.

Professor Valsamma Eapen from University of New South Wales and director of Autism CRC.
With the latest estimate from the Centre for Disease Control (April 2018) suggesting that 1 in 59 children are identified with autism, there is an urgent need to develop and disseminate opportunities for early intervention that is both equitable and scalable. Technology based platforms should form a key component here if we are serious about early intervention reaching each and every child who needs it. Given the critical influence of early development on the rest of life and the importance of early intervention to maximise brain plasticity in the early years to improve long term outcomes, this is the most important thing that we could do in this space.
— Valsamma Eapen MBBS, PhD, FRCPsych, FRANZCP - Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia - Director, Autism CRC, Australia

A Library of Content

At Rockmelon, our content is completely evidence-based. All content has been developed with the help of a team of clinicians, parents and experts in the autism field from around the world.

Parent Edition Flashpacks

We have completely reimagined traditional flashcards! Rockmelon Flashpacks are carefully curated collections of digital flashcards and come in a range of different formats, including full colour photographs, illustrations and video. These rich visuals are perfect for children with a developmental delay - plus, as a Rockmelon subscriber you are able to upload your own images to create your own Personal Flashpacks.

Learn more about Flashpacks.

Parent Edition Flashpacks page.
Parent Edition Skills icon.

Rockmelon Skills are specially curated interactive learning modules that have been designed to help parents help their children. Skills cover a wide range of topics, such as teaching key independence skills and managing challenging behaviour. Skills are a great way to ensure your parents are upskilling and learning many of those key strategies to help their child with a delay reach their best outcome.

Learn more about Skills.

Parent Edition Skills page.

Skills are a great way to ensure your parents are upskilling and learning many of those key strategies.



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