TEAM - Parenting a child is a Team effort

Parent Edition Team page demonstration on three iphones.


Every Team is different!

Parenting a child with a developmental delay is a team effort and the Rockmelon Team feature helps you ensure that everyone on your child’s Team is across their program. Your Team is made up of all the different  people who surround and support your child through their learning and development. You can add anyone to your Team who is invested in their success, such as another parent, grandparents, relatives, therapists, speech pathologists, teachers and babysitters.

Centralise all communications

Life can get busy and it can be hard to ensure that everyone in your child’s life is on the same page.. Team makes that easy by centralising all communications around your child’s development. From Quick Notes to more detailed Session Reports, Team means everyone can log into their Rockmelon account and track your child’s progress in real-time. Team keeps everyone focused, up-to-date and working towards the same goal.

It can be hard to make sure everyone is across what is happening in your child’s life. The Parent Edition is here to change that.

Stephen Ruffels parent and Beta user of Rockmelon Parent Edition.
I think TEAM is the ‘killer app’ part. Even as I started learning about ASD and early intervention, one of the things that keeps being said to me is how complicated it can be to co-ordinate all the different members of the team and have them learning off of each other.
— Stephen Ruffels, Parent, Australia

Be in control

Team has a range of features to help you stay organised and ensure everyone knows what is going on, how your child is progressing, what you’re working on at the moment and anything they might need to do to assist you. Team members can create Notes, add events to the Planner and assign Tasks to other Team members.

Parent Edition Planner icon.

Planner helps ensure your Team knows what is happening. You and other members in your Team have the ability to create events and then invite other members to that event. Whether it is a speech therapy session or library day at preschool, everyone on your child’s Team will have clear visibility across your child’s schedule on any given day.

Parent Edition Tasks icon.

This is a Team and you’re the captain, and the goal is to get the best outcome for your child! Create specific Tasks, set a due date and priority and then assign them to different Team members. Tasks means that everyone on your child’s Team will know what they need to do each week.

Parent Edition Notes icon.

Notes are another way to ensure everyone  on your Team is informed and up-to-date. You can write a Quick Note to the Team or ask your therapist to capture a more detailed Session Report. Using Quick Notes daily not only keeps your Team informed, but also allows you to start tracking valuable data on your child’s progress.

Parent Edition Team page on ipad.