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Parent Edition Skills demonstration on three iphones.


Rockmelon Skills are specially curated interactive learning modules that have been designed to help parents help their children. Skills provide you with the most effective techniques and information so that you can help your child with a developmental delay reach their fullest potential.

Each module has been developed with the help of a team of clinicians, parents and experts in the field and are available in a range of formats, including short animations, audio-based and text-based. Rockmelon Skills are broken down into easy-to-follow steps and designed with the busy parent in mind.

New Skills are released weekly !

From learning towards independence, Rockmelon wants each and every child to reach their fullest potential.  

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Skills Categories


Introductory Skills are for parents who have a child who has recently been diagnosed or are in the process of being diagnosed, or perhaps would just like a refresher. This is where you can find lots of information to help you get started.


From learning towards independence, Rockmelon wants each and every child to reach their fullest potential. These highly practical Skills were created to help users develop their understanding and build strategies around teaching their child basic independence skills. If your child has a hard time staying in bed, going to the supermarket or trying new foods, these Skills are for you!


Behavioural Skills will help you understand and address unwanted behaviours that are getting in the way of your child’s learning and development. Appropriate behaviour is an important aspect of social inclusion and independence - these Skills can help you pave the way.


Starting school is a big step for all children. Rockmelon is here to help you learn what makes a great school, how to communicate with teachers and help you teach your child the necessary social skills and playground etiquette. To help give your child a head start at school, these are the Skills for you.


It you are concerned about your child’s language development or if you believe there may be speech delay, check out these Skills. Speech and Language Skills will help you understand what kind of therapy options are out there and give you some strategies to start shaping those first speech sounds at home.