What is the Parent Edition?


The Parent Edition is part of a comprehensive learning platform designed to help parents reach the best outcome for their child. Some of the features include:

Parent Edition Skills icon.

Skills are specially curated interactive learning modules that have been designed to help parents help their children.

Whatever your family is concentrating on at the moment, we have Skills that will help you increase your child’s independence, encourage speech and language, manage challenging behaviours and help get them ready for school.

Learn more about Skills.

Parent Edition Flashpacks.

Our children are often visual learners and Rockmelon Flashpacks are designed specifically for children with autism and other developmental delays in mind. Flashcards can help children develop those important early language skills, build vocabulary and learn how to recognise and respond. You are also able to create your own personal Flashpacks with images from your device to further enhance your child’s learning.

Learn more about Flashpacks.

Parent Edition Goals.

There can sometimes seem like there is an insurmountable list of skills we need to teach our children. By setting Goals you can set yourself a focus, start making some initial wins and formulating a plan to move your child forward.


The Parent Edition is part of a comprehensive learning platform designed to help parents reach the best outcome for their child.  

I have been really impressed to see the work so far on the Rockmelon platform. This service has the potential to help many families, from those just starting on the journey to those more experienced, to learn and develop practices to help their children to achieve their best. I am most excited about the communication and collaboration tools that will enable all within the children’s ‘tribe’ to work on goals together. Watch this space, Rockmelon has the potential to be a game-changer.
— Bronwyn Orsatti - Parent

Manage your Team

As a parent or carer of a child with autism, there are so many things you need to manage, arrange and organise. No one parent can do this on their own - and you don’t have to! That is what your team is for.

Your team is made up of anyone who plays an important role in your child’s daily life and development. It might be another parent, grandparents, relatives, clinicians or educators. Team is also a great way to centralise all communications and track information around your child’s developmental progression to share with your Team. Under your Team you will be able to create Notes, events with Planner and Tasks to share with your other Team members.

The Parent Edition helps you bring that team together and ensure everyone is always on the same page. Learn more about Team.

Parent Edition Planner icon.

Planner ensures that everyone always has clear visibility across your child’s schedule. Create events and invite different Team members. Speech therapy, swimming lessons or a birthday reminder - everyone will always know what is happening in your child’s life on any given day.

Parent Edition Tasks icon.

Create specific Tasks, set a due date and priority and then assign them to different Team members. You can attach photos and videos as well for more specific activities.

Parent Edition Notes icon.

Notes is how you can communicate quickly and easily with your Team in real-time - you won’t need to wait for the next session or meeting. It might be to celebrate progress or for your child’s therapist to suggest a different approach to a behaviour.

You can create a Quick Note to leave a short message or update, or ask your therapist to capture a more detailed Session Report. You can also attach photos or videos to a note for the whole Team to see your child’s progress and performance.

Parent Edition Team page on iphone.

No one parent can do this on their own - and you don’t have to! That is what your team is for. 

Stephen Ruffels parent and Beta user of Rockmelon Parent Edition.
I think TEAM is the ‘killer app’ part. Even as I started learning about ASD and early intervention, one of the things that keeps being said to me is how complicated it can be to co-ordinate all the different members of the team and have them learning off of each other.
— Stephen Ruffels, Parent


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