The PARENT EDITION - Helping parents of children with autism and other developmental delays

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Parent Edition product demonstration on iPad showing a video Skill and on iPhone showing the Team feature.

The Parent Edition

The Rockmelon Parent Edition is designed to help parents of children with autism and other developmental delays achieve better outcomes for their child. With an extensive library of skills, visual tools and team management capabilities, every parent of a child with autism will find this application an invaluable addition to their everyday needs. 

The Parent Edition was made by parents for parents. We want to equip you with the right tools and information to help you help your child. Whether you need help upskilling, managing your Team or access to a comprehensive range of visual resources, Rockmelon has you covered.


The Rockmelon Parent Edition can help you get started with all the useful information and tools you need. 

Picture of Mary Lishomwa Parent and Parent Edition user.
I am really impressed with what I have seen of the Rockmelon app so far. What a difference this product would have made for me and my family in those early overwhelming days of my daughter’s diagnosis.
— Mary Lishomwa - Parent, Australia / Zambia
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Parent Edition Features

Whether you need help upskilling, managing your Team or access to a comprehensive range of visual resources.



Rockmelon Skills are specially curated interactive learning modules that have been designed to help parents help their children. Skills cover a wide range of topics, such as teaching key independence skills and managing challenging behaviour.

Developed with the help of a team of clinicians and therapists, Skills can help you address many of the day-to-day issues you may be experiencing.



We have completely reimagined traditional flashcards! Rockmelon Flashpacks are carefully curated collections of digital flashcards and come in a range of different formats, including full colour photographs, illustrations and video.



Parenting a child with autism is a team effort and the Rockmelon Team feature helps you make sure everyone on your child’s Team is informed and on the same page.

Your child’s Team will be made up of anyone who is involved in their daily life, such as another parent, grandparents, behaviour analysts, therapists, speech pathologists, teachers or babysitters. Every Team is different but all of them are focused on one person - your child!

Parent Edition Planner icon.

Planner helps ensure your Team knows what is happening. You and other members in your Team have the ability to create events and then invite other members to that event. Whether it is a speech therapy session or library day at preschool, everyone on your child’s Team will have clear visibility across your child’s schedule on any given day.

Parent Edition Tasks icon.

Tasks means that everyone on your child’s Team will know what they need to do each week. You can assign Tasks to different people on the Team.

Parent Edition Notes icon.

Notes are another way to ensure everyone on your Team is informed and up-to-date. You can write a Quick Note to the Team or ask your therapist to capture a more detailed Session Report. Using Quick Notes daily also allows you to start tracking valuable data around your child’s progress.


The Rockmelon Parent Edition was made by parents for parents.

Bronwyn Orsatti Parent and Beta user of Rockmelon Parent Edition.
I have been really impressed to see the work so far on the Rockmelon platform. This service has the potential to help many families, from those just starting on the journey to those more experienced, to learn and develop practices to help their children to achieve their best. I am most excited about the communication and collaboration tools that will enable all within the children’s ‘tribe’ to work on goals together. Watch this space, Rockmelon has the potential to be a game-changer.
— Bronwyn Orsatti - Parent

Created for you



Are you the parent or carer of a child with autism or other developmental delay? The Parent Edition is designed especially for you so you have the best tools, resources and information to help your child reach their best outcome.

A diagnosis of a developmental delay is simply that - a diagnosis. It’s now a case of teaching our children in ways they are able to learn. You’ll need the support of people and professionals around you and Rockmelon is here to help you bring it all together. If you don’t yet have a diagnosis or are in the process of obtaining one, the Parent Edition can help you get started with all the useful information and tools you need.


As a clinician or therapist of a child with a developmental delay, you play such an integral part in their growth. Being fully across a child’s development between sessions wasn’t possible...until now! The Parent Edition facilitates open and easily accessible communication between yourself and the child’s family. You will be able to see how your client is progressing in various settings and provide feedback or redirect as needed - and in real-time!

The Parent Edition means everyone is always on the same page and focused on achieving the same goals.


Children spend a lot of time in care, whether it be daycare, preschool or school. As an educator, you can help shape their development and work with the parents to help the child reach their best outcome.

The Parent Edition can assist you in streamlining communication with families, giving and receiving feedback and provide information on how to best help a child with a developmental delay in an educational setting.





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