From Learning towards Independence. What is Rockmelon?


We are a global community of parents, carers, therapists, and specialist educators all working toward the same goals and outcomes.

We are reimagining products and services for families and children on the autism spectrum. Our ambitious mission starts with learning for parents and children, developing into a global technology platform to assist those with disabilities to feel safe in their homes, communities and cities.

Illustration of Raj and his mum, Rockmelon characters.

Coming Soon!

We are really excited to announce our first product will be released in early 2019. Rockmelon’s Parent Edition is focused on providing parents the tools they need to help deliver better outcomes for their kids. This includes an extensive library of evidence based interactive content parents can utilise to expand on the skills they’ll need to support their children.

When your child receives a diagnosis of autism or other developmental delays it can be very daunting. There is so much misinformation out there and it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what to do next. Using our own personal experience and insights from parents and therapists around the world, Rockmelon wants to educate and empower new parents with all the information they need to effectively teach their children key developmental skills.

A different way of learning

For many children with a developmental delay, it isn’t a case of not being able to learn - it is just that they aren’t learning from their environment in the same way as their typically developing peers. Our kids only stop learning if we stop teaching!

Rockmelon’s Parent Edition offers practical, research based solutions and techniques you can use to help teach your child. However, we also know it takes a focused team of people to achieve the best outcomes for your little person. This is what Rockmelon is all about.

We’re making it easy for everyone invested in your child’s success to get on the same page. Invite therapists, carers, teachers and grandparents, to your team and instantly provide them secure access to the vital information they’ll need to support your child.

Set goals, manage your therapy plans, assign tasks to members of your team and most excitingly, add pictures and videos of your child to therapy reports. No one on your team will ever again miss an important milestone in your child’s development. Everyone is up to date, instantly.

We’ve also taken the traditional flashcards and completely reimagined them. You won’t have to sit up for hours cutting out pictures from magazines, because we’ve done it for you! Rockmelon’s Flashpacks are far more polished than the old homewares magazine cut-outs. Our Flashpacks contain hundreds of categorised high-quality images and videos you can use to immediately help your child learn.

Rockmelon Parent Edition product demonstration on iphone and ipad.

So what’s next?

To truly transform the way early intervention services are delivered, we won’t stop at the Parent Edition. Next comes Rockmelon’s Learning Edition! We want to apply adaptive learning, wearable and sensor technology and voice and augmented reality interfaces to completely reimagine the way early intervention services for children are delivered. The Learning Edition will contain thousands of lessons covering all areas of a child’s development from language skills to social and play skills.

But why now?

We know how frustrating it can be trying to get answers about what to do or where to go next. Technology advances have had little impact on intellectual disability services and access to effective early intervention resources is severely limited. In addition to this, parents have limited access to quality programs, content and support. Current programs are not individualised and don't offer real-time visual feedback on a child's progress.

Research shows that intensive early intervention is one of the most effective treatments for children with autism and other developmental delays. We will democratize access to this life changing intervention, no matter where in the world children live.


From learning towards independence, Rockmelon is going to transform the way early intervention services are delivered. Built and supported by a community of parents, clinicians, software engineers and product designers, Rockmelon aims to bring quality early intervention to millions of children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays wherever they are around the world.

Illustration of all Rockmelon Parent Edition characters.