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Rockmelon is a global community of parents all working towards the same goal: access to quality early intervention that will allow our children to reach their best outcomes. That’s why we call it the Rockmelon Tribe.

The Parent Edition is our first product from a range designed to help parents of children with autism to achieve better outcomes for their child. With an extensive library of skills, visual tools and team management capabilities, every parent of a child with autism will find this application an invaluable addition to their everyday needs.

The Rockmelon team is very excited about the impending launch of the Parent Edition. If you'd like exclusive early access to the product as soon as it launches then please provide your details below. Thanks for supporting us!

LAUNCH SCHEDULE (Subject to change)

AUSTRALIA - January 2019

UNITED STATES - March 2019

CANADA - March 2019

NEW ZEALAND - March 2019


IRELAND - April 2019

SINGAPORE - June 2019


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