We have completely reimagined traditional flashcards! Rockmelon Flashpacks are carefully curated collections of digital flashcards and come in a range of different formats, including full colour photographs, illustrations and video. You can subscribe to any Flashpack Bundle once you have an active subscription to a STARTER or PLUS subscription plan.


Rockmelon Flashpacks are grouped into bundles to help you focus on areas where your child may need a little extra help or has a particular interest. Each bundle covers a targeted area of learning and has Flashpacks relevant to a specific level: beginners, intermediate or advanced.


STARTER - 230 Images

Includes 4 Flashpacks - My First Animals, Transport Beginners, Everyday People, Food and Drink - Beginners

Welcome aboard! The Starter Bundle has everything you need to get your child started on their learning journey. Included in your Rockmelon Parent Edition STARTER or PLUS subscription.


STARTER PLUS - 144 Images | 60 Videos

Includes 4 Flashpacks - Actions Set 1, Actions Set 1 (video), Food and Drink Intermediate, Body Parts - Beginners

Level up! The Starter Plus Bundle is the next step in your child's learning journey.


LANGUAGE BUILDER - 144 Images | 60 Videos

Includes 4 Flashpacks - Actions Set 1, Actions Set 1 (video), Food and Drink Intermediate, Body Parts - Beginners

Ready to start working on building your child's vocabulary? Then theLanguage Builder Bundle is the one for you!


LANGUAGE BOOSTER - 180 Images | 30 Videos

Includes 4 Flashpacks - Actions - Set 3 (video), Animals - Intermediate, Fantastic Fruit, Funky Furniture

Let's get to boosting those language skills! The Language Booster Bundle has everything from fruit to furniture.


LANGUAGE MASTER - 146 Images | 30 Videos

Includes 4 Flashpacks - Actions - Set 4 (video), Everyday Items, Treat Foods, Clothes

Language level: master...or, a master-to-be! The Language Master Bundle is for all budding word masters. Let’s start learning!



Includes 4 Flashpacks - Food and Drink - Advanced, Rooms of the House (illustrated), Rooms of the House, In the Bathroom

Learning starts at home, so let's start learning all the different things your child might find around the house.


SO MANY EMOTIONS - 100 Images | 50 Videos

Includes 3 Flashpacks - Emotions, Emotions (videos), Emotions (illustrated)

Whether your child learns better with images, videos or illustrated characters - the So Many Emotions Bundle has them all! All the feelings!



Includes 4 Flashpacks - Locations - Beginners (illustrated), Locations - Beginners, Locations - Intermediate, Locations - Advanced

Location, location, location! This Bundle covers different places in the community, from the classroom to the airport.


GREAT OUTDOORS - 182 Images | 27 Videos

Includes 4 Flashpacks - In the Backyard - Beginners, In the Backyard - Intermediate, Sports Equipment, Sports (video), Terrific Tools

Want to be in the great outdoors without going outside? This Bundle helps your child learn some of the different things they might find in their yard.



Includes 8 Flashpacks - Getting ready for preschool, Getting ready for school, Seasons, The Alphabet (uppercase), The Alphabet (lowercase), Numbers, My First Shapes, Days of the Week

Backpack? Check! Lunchbox? Check! The Rockmelon Ready for school Flashpack Bundle? CHECK! Get school ready now.