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As an educator, you have a lot of children under your care. For a child with a developmental delay, they may need a little bit of extra assistance in areas where other children might not. Rockmelon is here to help you learn how to assist a child with a developmental delay and communicate with their parents in a convenient and efficient way.

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Team centralises communications and ensures everyone is always on the same page. Often school or daycare pickup isn’t the best time to discuss the details of that day - and that’s where Notes comes in handy! You can leave a Quick Note for parents to update them on their child’s progress for the day, assign Tasks or enter events into the Planner.

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If you are new to the world of developmental delays, Skills are a great way to learn some of the many different techniques and strategies you can use to assist children under your care. Rockmelon Skills have been developed with the help of a team of clinicians and therapists and can help you learn how to best address many of the day-to-day issues you may be experiencing.

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Flashpacks are the completely reimagined and reinvented version of traditional flashcards. Children with a developmental delay are often visual learners, so flashcards are a great way to help them develop important early language skills, build their vocabulary and learn how to recognise and respond.

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The Rockmelon Parent Edition helps parents bring their Team together - and part of that Team is you!



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