Whether you are a parent, family, clinician, therapist or educator, Rockmelon provides a private, password-protected environment. No one is able to view, use or edit your content without your consent. Rockmelon is dedicated to providing a safe and secure platform for our users.

We use the information you provide us to provide a better service for you. We will never sell your personal information. For more information on how we collect and use your information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Personal security

Ensure your password is a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use something easily guessed or generic, such as ‘password123, your child’s birthday or your name. Do not share your password with anyone.

Rockmelon will never request your password or personal details via email. Your Team members will have their own login details and password. Only invite members to your Team(s) who are known and trusted by you.

Secure data storage

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Access is protected by least-privilege access controls and enforced on the server. User authentication is always required to gain access to all accounts and associated content.

User Generated Content ownership

Rockmelon does not own any of the content, images or videos a user uploads to our platform via the Parent Edition. Access to any content, images or videos uploaded by you is restricted to use by you and those invited by you to your Team(s). All content, images and videos remain the property of the uploader. All images and videos when involving a child remain the property of the child’s parent or guardian. You can contact us at support@rockmelon.com for a copy of your account information or to delete your account entirely.